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Buy Afgoo strain online UK

Afgoo Strain online UK

Afgoo is a special marijuana strain. It is known to be a potent indica-dominant breed with a high yield. What afgoo really offers is to send its users into a dream-like state of mind instantly clearing the mind of any worries. Also this strain has an 80% indica has is widely known around the world. Buy Afgoo strain online UK

The afgoo strain is an hybrid one; gotten from a mixing of the Afghani Indica and Maui Haze. What is gotten is a strain with a great balance which forms an effective combination of an uplifting and stimulating high. It’s balance is the reason behind it’s a rise in popularity as a lot of people are looking towards taking marijuana that doesn’t just knock them to sleep. It’s a very potent high that would keep you seated and glued to your couch. It is useful after some tension during the day.

Because of its high indica concentration, it is known to have more indica-like effects. Afgoo will give a sensation of relaxation and is a great choice for a wind-down smoke to help end a stressful day. It will help to create a dreamy high that will keep you glued to your couch for long durations as you quietly observe events around you. Basically, you’ll be glued to your seat and you’ll take in the happenings around you with a little hazy vision

Effects of Afgoo strain

Afgoo is all about making you feel gentle and as relaxed as possible. As well as It has a strong hit and it would be advisable to go lightly else you’ll be spending more of your day on the couch. While at an 80% indica level, it lives up to its reputation as a potent smoke. where as when afgoo is smoked or consumed in high quantities. As well as it can induce sleep or drowsiness. More so this makes it a good solution to help with restlessness or lack of sleep.

It’s also a mood lifter and will keep you thinking of only happy things.  As well as it does this by inducing a dreamy and hazy effect that is filled with bursts of euphoria. Such is its euphoria-inducing abilities that you may find yourself bursting into laughter on quite a number of occasions.

Fragrance of Afgoo strain

Afgoo has an attractive organic scent that will thrill you. It’s smell is a pungent characteristic earthy with streaks of spice and sweet in it. You can expect its pungent smell to hang in air for some time after smoking or leaving the room. Buy Afgoo strain online UK

Flavor Afgoo strain online UK

Afgoo tastes much like fresh pine with woody and spicy streaks in it. After smoking or consumption, it leaves a sticky and sweet aftertaste in the mouth.

Medical benefits of Afgoo strain

Medically, afgoo has grown from strength to strength and has shown a lot of uses in medicine. More so is a good solution for patients suffering from episodes of chronic stress and insomnia. Due to its sleep-inducing qualities, it helps users relax after a busy day and it even promises to deal with headaches and migraines. However, it should be noted that the dosage should be administered with the severity of the condition in mind.

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