Buy Khalifa Kush pre rolled
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Buy Khalifa Kush pre rolled

Khalifa Kush strain

These are exotic cannabis rolls with a THC range of 18% – 27%. Named after famous rap artist Wiz Khalifa who ordered this to be specially created for him is also known as Wiz Khalifa OG. The real combination is unknown to public and created from the famous OG strain. It is a hybrid dominated by Indica 80% and 20% of sativa. It was bred by a dispensary in San Jose, LA on Khalifa’s orders but the bud is known to have 24-27% THC level with insanely active and stimulating effects.

It is known as a wake and bake strain that is intense and give a pop of cerebral activity with energy, upliftment and removes any feelings of pain or fatigue. It leave the body with a light buzz which is relaxing and stimulating at the same time. It however does not sedate. These powerful effects have allowed it to become a favourite for chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety, varying cases of depression and even muscle spasms.

The flavour of Khalifa Kush is close to the OG Khush strain of sour lemon with pine and active cerebral buzz for daytime and night time. Khalifa Kush buds vary in size from small buds to medium in dense forest areas with thick layer of strong orange hair on top and sticky resin droplets which are perpetually there. These nugs have a strong sour lemon flavour with an earthy aftertaste and tingling pine. The collection at a particular stage of shake off makes the difference in the flavours.

Khalifa Kush pre rolled joints order

The dispensaries keep the nugs in jar containers and bits of flowers keep falling. As the jars are shifted the buds start separating and patient requires specific kind of buds. Within a half or one day the bud gets broken down and the shake is used to be rolled in joints. These nugs are broken and grinded in a grinder from where is rolled into joints. The rolled joints are gently tapped downwards to ensure the joints can be burnt exactly.

However, an over use and wrong dosage can create some pretty scary side-effects such as cramps, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, bipolar disorder, arthritis migraine, loss of appetite, various muscles and joint pains, phantom limb syndrome and other such issues.

The popularity of this joint has led to Wiz Khalifa create a Khalifa Kush Enterprise which oversees his investment in this strain and selling. During end of 2018, the company tied up with Supreme Cannabis to develop and market premium cannabis products for Canada and other international markets. The various oils are available in Ontario and British Columbia in Canada already. For every popularity of the Khalifa Kush there are easy ways to use the pre-rolled joints.

It is important to store your joint carefully in a air tight container in a cool and dry place like the refrigerator for longest use. Depending on from where you order special care is taken in packing with twist top containers, sealed bags and double vacuumed to ensure odourless shipping.

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