Durban poison strain

Durban Poison Strain Health Information

Durban Poison Strain Health Information

Various strains from across the world contribute to both medical and recreational needs of the consumers. Marijuana is found growing in every country around the world and each such variant is unique owing to its adaptability to the local climate and geographical terrain cum weather. And Durban Poison is one such South African strain renowned amongst cannabis smokers and patients. Durban Poison is a landrace strain and has an extremely potent psychoactive effect after its consumption due to its high THC content.

A series of other terpenes and cannabinoids which react with the endocannabinoids in one’s brain to provide a euphoric, energy giving and stimulating solution. Primarily used to stimulate the – ‘get things done’ attitude in order, the belief is that Durban Poison is smoked or ingested orally to instill strength and ‘un relax’ the mind to get it ready to get things done. Buy weed online UK and other medical products and cannabis from your nearest hub.

Let us now understand the specific attributes of the Durban Poison strain

Medical Benefits

The Durban Poison strain used mainly for its stimulating effects is primarily prescribed to individuals who suffer from mental ailments. Such include; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and ADD. So that they can primarily maintain focus in whichever discipline or work they wish to work on. It also aims at addressing issues pertaining to depression related diseases. These diseases which require a minor stimulant are also prescribed this unique strain. Also a small minor side effect of this strain can be that it induces anxiety slightly higher. As well as other strains which provide more relaxing solutions while compromising on medical gains.

The 100% sativa component propagates a much more stimulating and concentrating effect on the brain. It therefore, is suited for diseases like melancholic depression. It has up to 20% THC component which gives a euphoric high and can invigorate and boost the mood. When it is down especially in stints of depression. Brain inflammation and pain is primarily the cause of the majority of minor depression-based diseases. Also this strain tackles any form of inflammation due to its antiinflammation.

Some other medical benefits associated with Durban poison are that it tackles appetite-related concerns. Calories burn much faster under the influence of it and therefore it stimulates appetite. After strong therapies like chemotherapy and radiation, such an appetite stimulant is required. Nausea related conditions particularly Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome.

Ingestion and Smoking Avenues

Durban Poison much like other strains when ingested takes time to bear its effects on the body and stays much longer than when smoked. Vape cartridges are now a new form in which Durban Poison is being smoked and is much safer than when smoked with tobacco. Other than this, there are various compatibilities like hash oil, herbal or dabs in a tape cartridge.

This stimulating strain affects a lot of individuals and their lives and that too positively and therefore it is one such strain which shall be consumed and is precisely why it is a favorite and is prescribed for treating extremely critical mental disorders and therefore should be ascribed to without fail.

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