Marijuana Hybrid Strains

Marijuana Hybrid Strains. Hybrid strains contain a mix of sativa and indica genetics and, depending on their lineage, can take on characteristics from both strain families.We offer Marijuana strains such as Hybrid, Indica and Sativa. Finally we offer Medical Marijuana oils, As well as Online Weed Store.

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White Widow Strain UK

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OG Kush Hybrid Strain

THC Content – 27.0% Highest Test
Average Sativa;12.5%
OG Kush Highest Testl27.0%
OG Kush Average;22.0%
Common Usage
Loss of Appetite

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Mail Order Bruce Banner Marijuana Strain

Buy Bruce Banner Marijuana Strain

Bruce Banner might be best known as the alter-ego of comic book hero The Incredible Hulk, but maybe he wouldn’t be such a stressed out ball of anger if he just had some of his namesake strain.

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Order Golden Pineapple Marijuana Strain

Buy Golden Pineapple Marijuana Strain

Golden Pineapple is a hybrid cross between Golden Goat and Pineapple Kush that delivers creative, uplifting effects with a fruity, tropicalflavor. Its aroma is remarkably similar to sour pineapple, providing a flavorful escape from stress, anxiety, and depression.

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Mail Order White Fire OG Marijuana Strain

Buy White Fire OG Marijuana Strain

White Fire OG, also known as WiFi OG, is a 60% sativa hybrid with uplifting and comfortable cerebrally focused effects. This strain combines the best features of its parent strains: the sour, earthy, diesel aroma of Fire OG and the high resin production of The White that leaves the plants covered in a dusty snowfall of crystals.

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Mail Order Purple Trainwreck Marijuana Strain

Mail Order Purple Trainwreck Marijuana Strain

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Agent Orange Hybrid Strain

Agent Orange Hybrid Strain UK

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Pineapple Kush Hybrid Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 16%

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Mail Order Cannatonic Marijuana Strain

Buy Cannatonic Marijuana Strain

Cannatonic is a unique hybrid strain bred by Spanish seed bank Resin Seeds specifically for its low THC content (rarely above 6%) and high CBD content (6-17%).

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Mail Order Holy Grail Kush Marijuana Strain

Buy Holy Grail Kush Marijuana Strain

Holy Grail Kush is a newer strain created by seed breeders DNA Genetics and Reserva Privada Colorado. It entered into the Seed Company Hybrids category at the 2011 High TimesCannabis Cup. As the offspring of multi-award winners OG #18 and Kosher Kush,

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Mail Order XJ-13 Cannabis Online

Buy XJ-13 Cannabis Online

XJ-13 is a sativa-dominant strain cherished for both its therapeutic potency and enjoyable euphoric buzz. This hybrid cross of Jack Hererand G13 Haze induces unencumbered cerebral effects perfect for stimulating creativity and conversation.

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Mail Order Thin Mint GSC Marijuana Strain

Mail Order Thin Mint GSC Marijuana Strain

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