White Widow Stress Removal Bud Strain
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White Widow Stress Removal Bud Strain

White Widow Stress Removal Bud Strain

If there is any strain which has been widely accepted around the world as a strong potent strain. Which provides both euphoric and stimulating sensation at the same time – it is this.  The White Widow has been primarily one of the first entry strains to cannabis for medical marijuana patients. Recreational smokers as well as other cannabis enthusiasts.

White Widow has also been the parent strain for other hybrid strains which also are well known in the cannabis connoisseur’s world. The best part about this strain is the fact that the high is mesmerizing, upbeat and does not make one fall asleep.

Origin and Composition

The white widow strain is a hybrid strain which has its dominance slightly towards an Indica lineage. A better estimate is that in most white widow strains the Indica variant has a 60% and the Sativa variant has a 40% strength within the strain. This essentially means that the psychoactive prowess is minutely more than the medical. And stimulating contributions made to the agent who is consuming the same either by smoking or by ingesting it orally. This well-balanced strain, therefore, unlike other Indica heavy strains does not lead to lethargy, makes one sleepy or couch locked.

The origin of this strain can be traced to the Netherlands, specifically, at a company called Green House Seeds during the 1990s. And it was sold across Amsterdam which is well known for its coffee shops and their relationship with cannabis which is legal there. The THC levels in this strain are between 20-30% and therefore is a hard-hitting effector with a strong high. And a highly therapeutic providence to back the balance between both Sativa and Indica variants. Its effects are almost like other hard-hitting strains like AK -47 and Afghan Kush. It also is one strain which is widely known for its capabilities to invigorate creative energy. And therefore increasing ones communicating intensity and intellect.

Medical Benefits

The medical benefits of this strain are perhaps one of the most important reasons why it is so widely demanded across Europe and the US. The prescription of the same to cater to the requirements of patients. Who are suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder and finally chronic pain. A small or a moderate dose of this strain is enough to cater to the above mental health challenges. However, overconsumption is to be avoided, since over consumption leads to heightened paranoia and anxiety. Hence ingestion orally should also be done in limits in terms of the time it takes to enter the bloodstream. Orally ingested dosages take time to enter the system and therefore it is important to not overdo things. White Widow Stress Removal Bud Strain

This strain is, therefore, so popular that it can now be found in any US approved medical marijuana selling dispensary. And is a best-seller amongst various strains due to its popularity. Western states like Washington, Oregon, and California are most like to have this strain. From medical to recreational benefits, this strain is a pioneer in the hybrid strain industry and hence a success story.

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